Outside or Within

Success lies in abiding in you. 
Outside you is emptiness and failure. 
Within you is fulfilment and contentment. 
But I must choose one, Outside or Within. 

Outside is more thrilling. 
There is freedom to do what I please.
The world revolves around me, not you.
I am the boss here, and I call the shots.

Within is restricted, though safer.
I am free to be me, the redeemed me.
I rule the world, but only with your scepter.
You are the boss, and you call the shots. 

Success is sure with you, always.
Yes, I must make a choice. Outside or Within.
I will abide within, restricted but safer.
There lies my eternal goal, the greatest success ever. 

My place of hope

My place of hope.

I have found a place of joy.
I won't trade it for anything. 
Joy which the world cannot give.
This I have stumbled upon.

I have found a place of succour. 
I long to run there always. 
For I am sure of love and affection. 
No judgement, no hatred.

I have found a place of peace.
Oh what blissful peace.
Peace which the world cannot give.
In you I have found it all.

I have found a place of love.
I can't exchange it for anything. 
So warm and exhilarating. 
I am lost there forever. 

I have found that place of hope.
A place to always run to.
When life just doesn't add up.
When all seems to fall apart. 

Uncommon Love

With a grateful heart I come to you Lord.
Let all within me give you thanks.
You have done that which only you can do.
I will continually sing your praise. 

I wait each day for you to judge.
To cast me away from your presence. 
I wait to see you turn away at the sight of my filt.
I watch to see a disdainful look on your face.
Yet none is forthcoming. 

I am unworthy of your magnanimity.
Infamous me, incorrigible me, unrepentant me.
When will I ever change for the better?
Why do you pay so much attention to me? 
What good will ever come out of this?

I'm perplexed by your unwavering love.
It just doesn't make sense to me.
Why did you die for me? 
Why bear all that affliction for me?

I guess I will rest my case here.
I may never understand this great value placed on me.
I will wait till we meet in your paradise. 
When everything will fall into place.

Until then, I will sit and wonder how great you are.
Until then, I will reciprocate this love to others.
Until then, I will sing your praise in deep worship.
I will join the host of Heaven to magnify your holy name. Amen.

Today is all I have.

Today is beautiful and filled with promises. 
Today is filled with hope and blessings. 
I am sure of today, not tomorrow. 
So I will put up a smile and be kind.

Today is all glorious, I smell the sweet fragrance of nature. 
Today is loaded with love and good tidings. 
Today holds amazing things in stock for me.
So I will sit still and savour this goodness.

Today is special, yes, but it isn't my birthday. 
It is a special day, a beautiful gift from God. 
Today is certain, tomorrow is unknown. 
Today is all I have, I will make the best of it.

In my days of sorrow

When I'm down and heavy hearted, be thou my joy. 
When I'm weak and weary, be thou my strength.
When I'm broken and forsaken, be thou my pillar.
When I'm sick and frail, be thou my balm.

When I'm filled with sorrow and despair, be thou my comforter.
When I'm filled with fear and uncertainty, be thou my courage. 
When I'm filled with regrets and setbacks, be thou my way maker.

When friends seem far away, help me look up to you.
When associates distance themselves, help me look up to you.
When the world looks gloomy, help me look up to you.
When everyone seems nonchalant, help me still look up to you. 


Sometimes you seem far away.
Sometimes I feel you've withdrawn.
I keep wondering if I have hurt you.
Perhaps I took your love for granted.

I have nurtured this relationship for years.
I have invested so much into it.
I can't afford to lose you.
The very thought of it, makes me shive

I found a treasure in you.
And for that reason, I sold all to acquire it.
It was never a mistake, that I'm sure of.
You are that eternal treasure that never diminishes. 

I wish the whole world knew who you are.
If only the knew you had the solution to all their problems. 
If only they would pause and ponder. 
If only they would dare to believe. 


Day after day, you watch over me.

To perfect your will in my life.

Your eyes are always on me,

and you are never far away.

I feel your presence in all I do.

I desire to stay in your will.

In the path mapped out by you.

For therein lies my joy and fulfilment. 

Aside this, life is incomplete. 

Hold me in by the hand, Dear Lord, 

and lead me to thy eternal refuge.

Where sin and worldliness is eschewed.

That I may see your perfect glory and abide there forever. Amen. 

A beauty to behold.

When I sit and gaze at God's wonderful creation, I'm left speechless. 
Such awesomeness, such artistic excellence. 
Nature itself exudes heavenly ambience.
Perfection at its peak is all you see.

Have you ever gazed upon God's glory?
It is mind blowing, unfathomable. 
A beauty to behold, a sight to never forget.
His glory fills His temple and shines right down here to earth.

Have you ever wondered where the Sun gets the energy to exude such brightness? 
It's source must be a force to be reckoned with. God is that source, and His glory we see daily. 

Thank you Abba Father.

I have a Father

There is a God I know, He is also my Father.
Sweet and loving, He is.
A very present help in times of trouble. 
He never lies, neither does He forget His promises. A compassionate God, slow to anger and rich in mercy.

I have a Father up there, a true and loving God. I call Him my Alpha and Omega. 
The Beginning and The End. The Almighty. 
With Him by my side, I shall overcome the world. I fear no evil, for the King of kings and the Lord of lords is my Maker. 

I have a Father who is also a disciplinarian. 
He curbs my excesses, to ensure I do not go overboard. When you are a daughter of the Creator of the Universe, there is that tendency to be proud. He is always there to ensure such is far from me. 

Thank you Father for your love and tender loving care. 

In you O Lord, I will be found

In you O Lord, I will be found.
I will live my life to honour and glorify you. 
It is no longer I who live but you.
I choose to die to self, that Jesus may be exalted. 
Each day begins and ends with you,
For therein lies my joy.
I am complete knowing that your perfect will is made manifest in me. 
I will no longer yield to the norms of this world. Rather your word shall guide and direct my steps.
This world is full of deceit and many have gone astray, but I shall watch and pray for I know not the hour you shall return. Amen.