Something Special

There is a place prepared for me.

A place of beauty and splendour. 

Prepared by the world's best architect.

High above, in the Heavenly places.

There is a crown of glory prepared for me.

A crown of pure gold with precious rubies.

Wrought by the Master Himself. 

A crown prepared for the daughter of the Most High. 

There is a shimmering gown prepared for me.

Intricately woven with love and compassion.

A gown of righteousness and holiness.

Prepared for life everlasting. 

Practice what you preach

I am a Preacher, 

I practice not what I Preach.

They call it hypocrisy, 

I call it deceit. 

I am a Preacher, 

Pray without ceasing, I encourage. 

Yet, I slumber in the place of prayer.

This is deceit. 

I am a Preacher,

Judge not, I preach.

Yet, I do same in my heart.

This is deceit. 

I am a Preacher,

Be bold and courageous, I encourage. 

Yet, I'm afraid what friends might say.

Another deceit. 

I am a Preacher,

Love not the things of the world..I preach.

Yet, unhappy I am when I can't have them.

Another deceit. 

Mr Preacher, your Maker is coming.

How shall you give an account of your life?

In deceit and hypocrisy, you have thrived.

But alas, the day of reckoning is here.

Arise from your slumber and make amends.

Now is the time, tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Make haste and run this race set before you.

Looking up to your Master, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. 

Here to please you

Let my life please you.

Let me make you smile.

You mean the world to me.

Make me that girl that gladdens your heart.

I am here for you.

To do your good will.

To offer praise and thanksgiving unto you.

To make the world know you.

Let my life please you.

All the days of my existence. 

Be enthroned as the King of my heart.

Ruling every sphere of my life.

I am here always for you.

With a steadfast heart, willing to obey. 

I will not murmur or complain.

For I am here to please you.

Praise Him

I kneel before you, Most Holy One.

The True and Only God.

I bow my head in worship and adoration. 

Your presence fills this place.

I stand in awe of your might and power.

But how can men say, there is no God?

Each day is a testimony of God's existence. 

He made and controls all things.

In the rising of the Sun, and in the setting. 

My thoughts shall continually be on you.

I would rather focus on you,

for in you lies my redemption. 

In this mortal body, I shall praise you.

In immortality, I will worship you.

In eternity, I will sing your unending praise.

In the world without end, I will forever love you.

He is in love with me

When I reflect on my past,

I know I shouldn't be here now.

Perhaps Jail, or the streets.

That's where I ought to be.

Why did you set me free?

Why didn't you give me the verdict I deserve?

Why did you pay the price for me?

Why take up my shame and condemnation?

I don't deserve to be here right now.

Perhaps dead, bruised or forgotten.

But none of these happened. 

Someone took it up upon Himself.

He says He loves me.

He would do anything for me.

No price is too great for Him to pay for my life.

He keeps calling my name, daily.

I'm afraid this love will overwhelm me.

Too deep, too intense, so true.

I'm afraid I am not worthy of His love.

Afterall I haven't done anything to deserve it.

But He keeps calling, daily.

He wouldn't give up on me.

He believes so much in me.

He sees something special in me.

I doubt if I can resist it any longer.

He has paid the price already. 

What do I have to lose?

Perhaps I will give it a try.

I did give it a try, and got hooked.

He is the epitome of love.

Or rather, He is Love.

Yes, God is Love and in Him is no guile

To what extent do you love God?

Do you love God?

To what extent do you love God?

What would you forfeit to please God?

What would you change in your life,

to fit more into His purpose for your life? 

I love God, but….

I love to please people a lot.

These two don't mix.

I'm afraid I will lose friends,

so I tend to keep mute,

 rather than hurt their feelings.

I don't think that's what Christianity is all about. It's about Truth.

Speak the truth, the word of God at all times.

Fear no man, only God.

Judge not, but shy not.

Be bold and courageous, for this journey 

is not for the faint hearted.

Your strength lies in God, never forget that.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Not by power or might.

Fill me O Lord with your Spirit. 

Lead me to the rock that's higher than I.

Bend me and remould me.

Till I be like thee.

Consider my ways, and have pity on me.

For I have sinned and gone astray. 

Desiring to please myself and not you.

Seeking for glory where there is none.

Whom have I beside you?

Without you, there is no me.

Whatever I seek is embedded in you.

Your ways are perfect and just.

I thought I could do it my way.

I felt you were too slow.

So I decided to give it a try.

O what failure I encountered. 

Indeed its not by power, or by might.

But by your Spirit O Lord.

Teach me to be patient and wait on you.

For your ways are not my ways, your thoughts not my thoughts. 


Promises of earthly treasures. 

Very captivating and luring. 

Intense pressure and desire to accept them.

Will I or will I not?

I see them everywhere. 

Oh what beauty, comfort and affluence.

I really desire and yearn for these . 

I could spin the world with all these. 

They matter in life, don't they?

We need them, don't we?

We could change our world with these?

At what cost, I wonder?

Promises of blissful eternity.

I can't see them, but they are real.

Not so attractive yet, my eyes see nothing.

Only promises, hope and faith.

Promises of earthly treasures or eternity?

Very competitive and soul bound. 

Pressure to be accepted, to belong.

Which matters the most? 

My greatest desire

My greatest desire in life is to behold your beauty.

To sit in your presence all the days of my life.

To live in your perfection and glow in you.

To marvel at your amazing creations.

Grant me this one thing dear Lord.

That I shall never desire another.

That you shall be my one and only true love.

That I shall not deviate from the path you have laid out for me.

Grant Oh Lord, that this love of mine,

shall never diminish. 

That it shall ever glow till eternity. 

That I will cherish every moment spent with you. 

Never to take you for granted.

I desire to be by your side forever.

Doing what pleases you most, worship. 

To speak the words you love to hear. 

To gladden your heart with my music.

A prayer of thanksgiving.

There is joy in my heart.

I will sing praises to Him.

He is a good God, very gracious. 

Plenteous in mercy, slow to anger.

I am happier each passing day.

It's not the same for many others.

The world is full of evil and pain.

Yet, He gladdens my heart each day. 

With a grateful heart, I come this day.

To offer this prayer of thanksgiving. 

To the Alpha and Omega. 

The beginning and The end. 

I have searched the whole world. 

There is none like thee.

There is none compared to thee. 

You are God all by yourself.