What are spiritual battles?

Most of us are familiar with the term "spiritual battles" ,so I won't spend much of our time defining this. I would rather throw more light on it from my own perspective. 

Spiritual battle is usually referred to someone engaging in warfares, confrontations, fights, struggles, etc against powers and forces of darkness by prayer and fasting, inorder to overcome hindrances and oppositions and live a victorious life. 

Having said that, let's ask ourselves this question; are spiritual battles real? 

Yes, they are real. Spiritual battles exist and alot of Christians spend a good amount of time, some even spend their entire lives fighting battles and that brings me to the purpose of writing this book. 

Another question we should examine is; what does the bible say about engaging in spiritual battles or warfare? 

Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

This passage makes it very clear that indeed spiritual battles exist and as Christians, we are continually encountering such battles as we journey through life. Jesus, who is our Lord and saviour fought battles while here on earth and one of such is where He was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Jesus fought this battle and overcame by standing in His place of authority and using the word of God. He knew who He was and had no time to engage in unnecessary discussion with the devil. For each attack, He used the word of God to triumph. 

Unlike Eve in the bible,when tempted forgot she was placed in a higher authority than the devil and should not have given room for unnecessary discussions. All she needed to do was to put an abrupt end to the devil's gimmicks by simply answering God said DO NOT EAT THIS FRUIT, PERIOD. Am not interested why I shouldn't eat, all that matters here is GOD SAID!

Unfortunately some Christians today are still behaving like Eve. They rely so much on lengthy prayers and fasting, rather than stand in their place of authority as believers and use the word of God just as Jesus did. 

As a Christian, your place of authority is in Christ, meaning it's no longer you fighting these battles but Christ, because He had already conquered the devil and his cohorts thousands of year ago and that victory was credited to you and I. So, when dealing with the devil, do it from that standpoint of victory, don't negotiate or beg. Your place of authority in Christ, makes you operate from a higher level than the enemy.  Remember Ephesians 2:6 (KJV), it says : 

"And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus".

So what are those battles Christians should not fight? 

1. Territorial Battles. 

Territorial battles are those battles Christians engage in to secure or claim possession of their environment or territory. 

This is one of those battles I would encourage Christians not to engage in based on the following scripture:

Psalm 24:1-  The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

The whole World and all that you find inside belongs to God.  As a child of God, your portion has been allocated to you,  so there is no need to drag possession of your environment with the devil. Locate it, dwell there and take charge. The problem with many Christians is that they go to where God has not assigned to them and want to forcefully posses it. They say the violent taketh it by force. Yes, I totally agree with you, but please discover God's purpose for your life and stay in that plan. Is it God's will for you to dwell in that particular place? Did He ask you to go and take it by force? If you cannot answer these questions with a simple yes or no, then you are already starting or engaging in a battle you should not. 

2. Battles against witches and wizards.

Many Christians have taken it upon themselves to kill all the witches and wizards in their father's compound through prayers. Some have been praying these prayers or fighting this battle for years, yet those witches and wizards are still alive. Some may have died, but has your situation changed since their death? God has not assigned that battle to you. He is still in the business of fighting your battles, while you hold your peace. 

Your primary concern as a Christian, is to be in the right standing with God. When you focus your time and energy in doing that which pleases the Lord, then He Himself will take up your battles of witches and wizards and fight for you. 

What are does things that please the Lord? 

Know who you are in the Lord and discover God's purpose for your life.

Pursue that purpose and fulfil it. 

Hear what God is saying concerning your life and adhere to it. 

Stay away from sin and the things that lure you into it. 

Consecrate yourself to the Lord. 

Christians should learn to discover their purposes here on earth in time. The earlier you know who you are and your God given assignment, the less likely you will engage in battles the Lord has not asked you to. The major reason why Christians are fighting battles they should not is because they have identity crises. God called you to be Teacher, but you said no, doctor it is for me. When issues arise, please who will fight for you? It is true that even in your God chosen career you may experience some hindrances but because you obeyed God and followed the path He chose, a simple prayer from you is enough to solve such problems. 

1 John 3:22 says, “And we will receive from him whatever we ask because we obey and do the things that please him.”

3. Marital Battles.

Today, we have many failed marriages and dysfunctional families, and sadly the numbers are increasing by the day. People don't believe they should spend time and seek God's face concerning who to marry. They believe physical attraction and chemistry is all they need in a man or woman to decide whether to go into marriage with the person or not. Choosing your marriage partner goes beyond the physical, it's a spiritual matter that needs to be handled with utmost care and seriousness. Otherwise, one will spend the major part of their married life fighting battles. Once you get it wrong with the choice of a partner, then be rest assured that marriage will birth many avoidable battles. Also, note that getting married to an unbeliever is a recipe for marital turbulence, because the believer has light in him or her while that unbeliever is engulfed in darkness. These two do not mix. 

When choosing a marriage partner, let God lead not your flesh or family influence. Many are getting married today for selfish ambitions. Some for political influence, some for wealth and good life, some for fame, etc. Only a few are settling down in marriage, in accordance with God's purpose and plans for their lives. If you obey God and follow His choice for your marriage, you are laying the right foundation for your home. Whenever there are issues in your marriage, you know who to call on, God. He will always answer because He orchestrated that marriage and will not forsake you. 

4. Battles against suffering and hardship.

No one wants to suffer in life, we all came to enjoy this life and enjoy it to the fullest. True. Hold on a bit, and ask yourself this question, how was the life of Jesus while on earth? Was it all rosy? No. In our Christian race, Jesus never promised us a hassle free life. There will be moments of joy, laughter, wealth, etc and there will also be moments of sorrow, hardship and suffering, etc. You can't shy away from this truth. The book of Romans 8:17-18 (NIV) says :

"Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us".

For every Christian, there is a phase for trials and tribulations. It's only a phase, it won't last forever, so don't start binding and casting, only pray for grace to sail through victoriously. This is the moment to tell Jesus, I love you,despite what I am passing through. Some people love Jesus only for the blessings they can receive from Him. In times of difficulties, they no longer want to be identified with Him. 

The important thing to note here is, do you know what phase you are right now in your life? Is this your moment of trials? Is this the time to endure and suffer with Jesus, so you can also share in His glory? If yes, then relax and pray for grace so you can pass this test of faith gallantly. There is no need to engage in any spiritual  battles, just trust God to usher you into your glory at the appointed time. Jeremiah 29: 11 (KJV) says: 

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

5. Battles against satanic strongholds. 

A stronghold is a building or other structure that is safe from attack. A fortress is a perfect example of a stronghold.

Demonic powers can also form a stronghold using your thoughts, beliefs and imaginations. They hide behind these thoughts of yours to wage war against you.  Before you engage in any spiritual battles against satanic strongholds, search your heart first and evaluate your thought pattern concerning your life. Some people have barricaded themselves with so many erroneous beliefs and thoughts that are contrary to God's words concerning their lives, as Christians. 

Alot of people attribute every negative occurrence in their lives to satan. Even when it's plainly a case of inaptitude, negligence, lack of seriousness, etc. You blame the devil for failing your exams, when you spent the whole time praying instead of reading. Please strike a balance. Pray but at the same time dedicate enough time for reading as well. Don't give glory to satan over what he never caused, and by so doing, you are unconsciously forming a stronghold for satan and his cohorts to continually bombard your exams with attacks. 

Stop focusing on the devil when you encounter problems in life, rather let Jesus be your focal point. The more you attribute your problems to the devil, the more power you relinquish to him. You simply acknowledge him as master over your life rather than Jesus. 

To pull down satanic strongholds in your life, you require a change of thought patterns not spiritual battles and warfares. Feed on the word of God and believe what it says, not what your mind or the circumstances surrounding you are projecting. Take charge of your thoughts as written in 2 Corinthians 10:5 (NIV); 

"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ".

Learn to talk to God as your friend and father, discuss with Him on a daily basis and build a lasting relationship with Him. Have that confidence that He is always there for you and ever willing to pull you out of that situation, if only you will start focusing and believing in Him. Learn how to hear from Him so He can direct your path. 

God has a solution to every faulty marriage, and it’s not divorce. 

Why did God institute marriage? God instituted marriage in order to raise godly seeds for Himself. Companionship is also one of the vital reasons God instituted marriage, so that man will not be alone. Loneliness is never a fun place to be, you will agree with me. So God who is all knowing purposed marriage to fill up these gaps in our lives. 

God instituted marriage to bring joy into our lives, not sorrow. It is a perfect gift from God.

If there is any problem in your marriage,  God is not responsible, for His thoughts towards you are thoughts of good not of evil. And if God is not responsible for the challenges you are facing in your marriage, then this is good news. Why is it good news? I call it good news because if God were responsible for the problems in your marriage, then who will you turn to for solutions? If God is truly your father, then you are already halfway in succeeding in that marriage. I said half way because, it is one thing to have God as your father and it's entirely a different thing to recognise Him as such. It's like having a problem with your car and the tool box is in the trunk of the car but you have no idea what each tool is meant for or how it's operated. So yes, you have the solution to the problem of that car, right in front of you but yet the problem still can't be fixed. The same is applicable to those who call God their father but do not recognise Him as such. 

 So the question in your mind now is, how do you recognise God as your father? Brilliant question! You recognise God has your father by allowing Him play that role in your life. What are the roles of a father? It is the Father's job to ensure your safety, provide your needs, discipline you, comfort you and make you feel loved, etc. So now that we have mentioned a few roles of the father, how many of these roles is God actually playing in your life? Do you carry all the burden on your shoulders forgetting that it isn't your job? The burden belongs to God. 

A lot of people do not recognise God as their father because they don't trust Him enough to handle their problems. They believe He is up there and can't get involved with matters down here. That's not true. God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. Nothing happens here on earth without God's knowledge. Even before you started having problems in your marriage, He saw it coming but couldn't forewarn you because you dont have a relationship with Him and hence cannot recognise His voice when He speaks. 

It is essential that every Christian hears from God and also knows the means through which God speaks to them, (I have written an ebook on that titled "HOW TO HEAR GOD FOR YOURSELF"). Possessing this ability helps us steer clear of problems or shows us the solution to problems. Many will not be facing the unpleasant situation in their marriages today, if they had heard God's warning against marrying the spouse they chose. 

That is why it's advisable to always allow God choose your marriage partner, and not we ourselves. You cannot see into the furture, neither do you know the real intent of the person you are marrying. Only God sees the heart of man. Unfortunately, some people get married just to achieve their selfish ambitions, therefore satisfying the other partner or making him or her happy is not their priority. Such marriage will definitely have issues. When God is the one choosing your partner, He knows who will complement you and help you fulfil your divine purpose here on earth. 

So what happens if you have already made the wrong decision in marriage? The bible says with God all things are possible. Secondly, Romans 8:28 says "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them". So, it's possible for God to fix that faulty marriage and also use that ugly situation to bring good into your life.  That bible verse says this is achievable for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. So are you in agreement with God  concerning your life here on earth? Are you here to please God or yourself? Do you live each day of your life with heaven in mind? And of course the most important question, do you love God? These are  questions that require candid answers and sober reflection. If you are not living a purpose driven life according to God's plans for you, then make a conscious effort to start doing so now. 

Making a wrong decision in marriage isn't the end of the world. God can still fix it. Going for a divorce is not God's way, because He is a covenant keeper. You entered into a covenant with your spouse in the presence of God and you vowed till death do you part. That is a covenant, and God is involved. God is willing to fix that marriage if you will trust Him. He will make that  marriage bloom and become a success.


Sometimes things don't go the way we want. 

Sometimes it seems we will never get there.

We try so hard to get it right, yet keep failing. 

The problem isn't you.

In life, sometimes you blame yourself for not reaching your goal in time.

You believe you are slacking off, and need to try harder.

But the harder you try, the less satisfaction you derive.

Why is it so easy for some, and tedious for others?

I wish I knew the answers to these questions. 

But I take solace in one thing, I am not alone.

I stand on a Rock and Jesus is that rock.

He existed even before the creation of the Universe. 

When nothing makes sense, I remember Jesus.

When there seems to be no head way, I remember He is the way, the truth and life. 

When life seems unfair, I remember Jesus never had it so nice down here.

Don't compare your life with others.

We are all running a different race.

In times of failure, delay and difficulty, remember Jesus. He is always there.

Life may not be rosy but He will cushion it for you. 

Something Special

There is a place prepared for me.

A place of beauty and splendour. 

Prepared by the world's best architect.

High above, in the Heavenly places.

There is a crown of glory prepared for me.

A crown of pure gold with precious rubies.

Wrought by the Master Himself. 

A crown prepared for the daughter of the Most High. 

There is a shimmering gown prepared for me.

Intricately woven with love and compassion.

A gown of righteousness and holiness.

Prepared for life everlasting. 

Practice what you preach

I am a Preacher, 

I practice not what I Preach.

They call it hypocrisy, 

I call it deceit. 

I am a Preacher, 

Pray without ceasing, I encourage. 

Yet, I slumber in the place of prayer.

This is deceit. 

I am a Preacher,

Judge not, I preach.

Yet, I do same in my heart.

This is deceit. 

I am a Preacher,

Be bold and courageous, I encourage. 

Yet, I'm afraid what friends might say.

Another deceit. 

I am a Preacher,

Love not the things of the world..I preach.

Yet, unhappy I am when I can't have them.

Another deceit. 

Mr Preacher, your Maker is coming.

How shall you give an account of your life?

In deceit and hypocrisy, you have thrived.

But alas, the day of reckoning is here.

Arise from your slumber and make amends.

Now is the time, tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

Make haste and run this race set before you.

Looking up to your Master, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. 

Here to please you

Let my life please you.

Let me make you smile.

You mean the world to me.

Make me that girl that gladdens your heart.

I am here for you.

To do your good will.

To offer praise and thanksgiving unto you.

To make the world know you.

Let my life please you.

All the days of my existence. 

Be enthroned as the King of my heart.

Ruling every sphere of my life.

I am here always for you.

With a steadfast heart, willing to obey. 

I will not murmur or complain.

For I am here to please you.

Praise Him

I kneel before you, Most Holy One.

The True and Only God.

I bow my head in worship and adoration. 

Your presence fills this place.

I stand in awe of your might and power.

But how can men say, there is no God?

Each day is a testimony of God's existence. 

He made and controls all things.

In the rising of the Sun, and in the setting. 

My thoughts shall continually be on you.

I would rather focus on you,

for in you lies my redemption. 

In this mortal body, I shall praise you.

In immortality, I will worship you.

In eternity, I will sing your unending praise.

In the world without end, I will forever love you.

He is in love with me

When I reflect on my past,

I know I shouldn't be here now.

Perhaps Jail, or the streets.

That's where I ought to be.

Why did you set me free?

Why didn't you give me the verdict I deserve?

Why did you pay the price for me?

Why take up my shame and condemnation?

I don't deserve to be here right now.

Perhaps dead, bruised or forgotten.

But none of these happened. 

Someone took it up upon Himself.

He says He loves me.

He would do anything for me.

No price is too great for Him to pay for my life.

He keeps calling my name, daily.

I'm afraid this love will overwhelm me.

Too deep, too intense, so true.

I'm afraid I am not worthy of His love.

Afterall I haven't done anything to deserve it.

But He keeps calling, daily.

He wouldn't give up on me.

He believes so much in me.

He sees something special in me.

I doubt if I can resist it any longer.

He has paid the price already. 

What do I have to lose?

Perhaps I will give it a try.

I did give it a try, and got hooked.

He is the epitome of love.

Or rather, He is Love.

Yes, God is Love and in Him is no guile

To what extent do you love God?

Do you love God?

To what extent do you love God?

What would you forfeit to please God?

What would you change in your life,

to fit more into His purpose for your life? 

I love God, but….

I love to please people a lot.

These two don't mix.

I'm afraid I will lose friends,

so I tend to keep mute,

 rather than hurt their feelings.

I don't think that's what Christianity is all about. It's about Truth.

Speak the truth, the word of God at all times.

Fear no man, only God.

Judge not, but shy not.

Be bold and courageous, for this journey 

is not for the faint hearted.

Your strength lies in God, never forget that.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Not by power or might.

Fill me O Lord with your Spirit. 

Lead me to the rock that's higher than I.

Bend me and remould me.

Till I be like thee.

Consider my ways, and have pity on me.

For I have sinned and gone astray. 

Desiring to please myself and not you.

Seeking for glory where there is none.

Whom have I beside you?

Without you, there is no me.

Whatever I seek is embedded in you.

Your ways are perfect and just.

I thought I could do it my way.

I felt you were too slow.

So I decided to give it a try.

O what failure I encountered. 

Indeed its not by power, or by might.

But by your Spirit O Lord.

Teach me to be patient and wait on you.

For your ways are not my ways, your thoughts not my thoughts.