Praise Him

I kneel before you, Most Holy One. The True and Only God. I bow my head in worship and adoration.  Your presence fills this place. I stand in awe of your might and power. But how can men say, there is no God? Each day is a testimony of God’s existence.  He made and controlsContinue reading “Praise Him”


Promises of earthly treasures.  Very captivating and luring.  Intense pressure and desire to accept them. Will I or will I not? I see them everywhere.  Oh what beauty, comfort and affluence. I really desire and yearn for these .  I could spin the world with all these.  They matter in life, don’t they? We needContinue reading “Promises”

A prayer of thanksgiving.

There is joy in my heart. I will sing praises to Him. He is a good God, very gracious.  Plenteous in mercy, slow to anger. I am happier each passing day. It’s not the same for many others. The world is full of evil and pain. Yet, He gladdens my heart each day.  With aContinue reading “A prayer of thanksgiving.”