Uncommon Love

With a grateful heart I come to you Lord.
Let all within me give you thanks.
You have done that which only you can do.
I will continually sing your praise. 

I wait each day for you to judge.
To cast me away from your presence. 
I wait to see you turn away at the sight of my filt.
I watch to see a disdainful look on your face.
Yet none is forthcoming. 

I am unworthy of your magnanimity.
Infamous me, incorrigible me, unrepentant me.
When will I ever change for the better?
Why do you pay so much attention to me? 
What good will ever come out of this?

I'm perplexed by your unwavering love.
It just doesn't make sense to me.
Why did you die for me? 
Why bear all that affliction for me?

I guess I will rest my case here.
I may never understand this great value placed on me.
I will wait till we meet in your paradise. 
When everything will fall into place.

Until then, I will sit and wonder how great you are.
Until then, I will reciprocate this love to others.
Until then, I will sing your praise in deep worship.
I will join the host of Heaven to magnify your holy name. Amen.

Published by maryaukpong@gmail.com

A God chaser with passion for lost souls.

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